Cyber Concierge Overview

The Cyber Concierge is a cybersecurity expert available to guide and support you on your cybersecurity journey.

How can I engage with the Cyber Concierge?

Consultation Session: You can schedule a 30 minute one-on-one call with our Cyber Concierge to discuss your questions and get expert guidance.

Email: If you have a quick question, or don’t want to do a call, then you can email our Cyber Concierge at for help.

Who can request a consultation session with the Cyber Concierge?

All Cyber Safety users with an active subscription can request a consultation session. This includes organizations who receive their Cyber Safety subscription as part of their insurance package.

What happens during a 30 minute consultation session with the Cyber Concierge?

You will have an opportunity to ask questions and tell the Cyber Concierge more about your organization to get personalized advice. The Cyber Concierge can discuss with you how to best use the time to support your organization and further develop your cybersecurity strategy with a customized agenda.

Which topics can the Cyber Concierge cover with me

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner to cybersecurity or if your organization is more advanced, the Cyber Concierge is here to help. Below are some examples of how the Cyber Concierge can support.

Getting Started:

    • Talk through the basics of cybersecurity and identify key cyber risks to your organization

    • Learn how Cyber Safety can help address some of these cyber risks

    • Get help signing up, onboarding, and using Cyber Safety

Cybersecurity Guidance:

    • Evaluate and understand your organization’s Cyber Maturity report

    • Create a customized improvement plan together based on your budget and resources

    • Help you figure out how to maximize use of your existing cybersecurity tools and solutions, plus connect you with vetted partners for areas where you may still need more support

Proactive Notifications and Remediation Recommendations:

    • Get notified of public and organization specific security vulnerabilities which may impact your systems

    • Receive detailed remediation recommendations for issues we notify you about

    • Guidance on remediation approaches and suggested resources to fix issues

Building a Cybersecurity Improvement Plan for Your Organization

The Cyber Concierge can work with you to develop an improvements plan specifically for your organization based on your needs, resources, and budget. You can discuss how to maximize your existing systems and solutions to improve your cybersecurity posture, and also refer you to vetted solution providers who can help with further improvements.

Taking Action on Your Cybersecurity Improvements Plan

Our Marketplace has a selection of vetted vendors who can provide cybersecurity solutions and implementation support at discounted rates for Cyber Safety customers. This could include projects like setting up new firewalls, implementing encryption on devices holding organization data, or enforcing multi-factor authentication on multiple business applications. The Cyber Concierge can work with you to figure out how to maximize your budget, find the right partners, and achieve your cybersecurity goals. To access the Marketplace, sign in to Cyber Safety and click on 'Marketplace' in the navigation panel. 

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