How do I verify my email address during account setup?

To activate your Cyber Safety account, you will first need to verify your email address.

Getting a verification email

When you create a Cyber Safety login by entering your work email and a password, you should receive an email within a few minutes asking you verify your email address. 

Completing the verification process

  1. Find the email with the subject "Complete your Zeguro sign up" sent to you from
  2. Open the email and click on the "Verify email" button. 
    (If clicking on the button doesn't work in your email inbox, try copying the link on the bottom of the email and pasting it into a browser window)

After that, your email address is verified and you will be able to complete your setup process.

Can't find your verification email?

Try the follow:

  1. Use your email search function and search for the keyword "Zeguro". Sometimes emails get buried. 
  2. Check your spam or junk email folder for an email with the subject "Complete your Zeguro sign up."

Still can't locate your confirmation email? Email us at or submit a request below and our team will help you through the process.

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