How to enroll your team in Security Training

Training signup and provisioning details

Signing your team members up for Cyber Safety Security Training is simple. Enter all the names and email addresses of all users you wish to enroll, or use the bulk enroll option, where you can put this info into a spreadsheet and send it along to the Cyber Safety customer support team. 

An invitation email will be automatically sent to each of your enrolled team members letting them know what to expect. Trainees will then receive one email with a link to a skills assessment, and a monthly email thereafter with a link to their assigned course. All trainees complete the same courses over a 12-month period, but the order in which they are assigned is customized. Each trainee’s skills assessment is used to determine which courses they need first, based on their current level of cybersecurity knowledge. 

Trainee welcome email

Cyber Safety will automatically send an email to each newly-enrolled trainee at time of enrollment by company admin. The boilerplate text is below:

Email subject: 

[admin first and last name] has invited you to Cyber Safety Security Training.

Email Body:

--- start of email ---

Hi <first name>,

[CompanyName] has partnered with Zeguro for cybersecurity and cyber risk management. [Admin first and last name] ([admin email]) has invited you to participate in the Security Training program (powered by uSecure).

What to expect?

Within a week, you will start getting emails (from with your online course enrollments and reminders of any outstanding courses. 

Here’s how the training will work:

  • The first email will contain a link to a security awareness questionnaire, which is designed to measure your cybersecurity knowledge. It’s okay if you don’t know all the answers!
  • Thereafter, you’ll receive one course assignment per month, each covering a particular cybersecurity topic. The order in which your courses are delivered will be based on the strengths and weaknesses you demonstrate in the awareness questionnaire.
  • You can access your assigned courses through the unique link from your emails at any time.

About Cyber Safety Security Training

Cyber Safety Security Training is designed to help every organization’s most valuable resource stay secure: their people. The cybersecurity training will cover important topics like managing your password and how to avoid phishing, with the goal of helping you thwart cyber attacks every day.

You can learn more about the program on the Cyber Safety knowledge base:

--- end of email ---

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