How do I use the website scan report (In the Monitoring tab)?

The Cyber Safety scan reports are designed to be easy to read, but they do assume a basic knowledge of web app and cybersecurity terminology. If words like POST, PUT, and SQL Injection mean absolutely nothing to you, we recommend adding an appropriate member of your team to Zeguro Cyber Safety, such as a CTO, Engineering Lead, external IT person, etc.

Using the Scan Report

You can also download a copy of the scan reports as a PDF, which can be sent to your engineering, IT, or another team responsible for maintaining your website or web app. This report contains all the details they need to verify the vulnerability exists, and has recommendations for fixing it. As all web apps are unique, consider the recommendations as a guide - your IT team may need to do some additional research and testing to identify how to fix the vulnerability.

Verifying Your Fix

Once a vulnerability has been fixed, the web app scanner will identify this issue as fixed the next time it runs, and will remove it from future reports. If the issue appears again in the future, our scanner will note that it was previously identified as an issue and re-surface it; this helps your team to pinpoint the cause of a recurring vulnerability and speeds up the time to fix it.

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