What's different about Zeguro's cyber insurance?

Zeguro's insurance policy is designed specifically for small to medium enterprises and is automatically tailored to your business. One size does not fit all - pay for only the coverage you need, knowing that you get the best coverage at the best price.

Your business is unique. Your insurance should be, too. Zeguro makes cyber insurance that’s easy to understand and manage – customized to your business needs. With Zeguro, you’ll get the coverage you need with just a few clicks. No more long telephone calls or application forms.

What coverages are provided by Zeguro’s policy?

Our policy includes the following areas of coverage:

Loss of Customer or Employee Data

If your business handles customer and employee data, like credit card details and personal information, your cyber insurance policy covers the following in the event of a loss resulting from a cyber attack or cyber crime:

  • Computer forensic services
  • Legal advice
  • Breach notification
  • Breach services to affected individuals
  • Identity recovery services
  • Crisis management
  • Regulatory fines & penalties
  • PCI fines & penalties
  • Defense and settlement costs if sued by customers

Coverage Against Third-Party Lawsuits

Third parties can sue your company when a network security incident impacts their business. They can also sue your company if any of your electronic communications result in their defamation, infringe their trademarks and copyrights, or violate their privacy policies. With Zeguro, you’re covered for defense and settlement costs related to:

  • Electronic Media Liability
  • Network Security Liability

Business Interruption & Extortion

Cyber crimes and attacks could impact the day-to-day operations of your business, resulting in lost revenue. Your cyber insurance policy covers for such incidents, including:

  • Loss of Business
  • Data restoration and re-creation
  • System restoration
  • Crisis management
  • Costs to respond to an extortion incident

Payment Fraud

Criminals may try to deceive your employees or financial institutions into transferring or diverting money to a fraudulent destination. Zeguro covers the funds lost in those scenarios.

How Are Premiums Determined?

Zeguro uses data-driven and evidence-based technology to analyze a company’s security posture and identify key areas of risk. This assessment is then used in conjunction with information taken from our simplified insurance application to develop appropriate rates for the requested coverages.  


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