Inviting Other Users to Cyber Safety

If you need to add additional administrators to Cyber Safety, it's easy! 

Here are some common use cases where adding a user could be beneficial:

  • Technical users - if you're in charge of insurance and someone else on your team keeps your IT systems up and running, it would be easier for that IT user to log in and handle findings in the Monitoring tab.
  • Training admin - many organizations have training responsibilities under an HR or Ops role. Adding that user would make training administration easier.
  • Insurance - this is usually an Ops task, while other functions such as security training and monitoring are IT tasks. Getting the Ops people access to Cyber Safety can make life much easier.

Adding users:

It's possible to add another user during the initial setup. There's a field called "Invite another user". 


If you've already finished your initial setup, you can still add someone. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Click your username in the upper right, then "Settings"

  2. Click "Add another user"

  3. Fill in the user's information.invite_user_modal.png
  4. Click "Add another user." The invited user will receive an email containing their temporary login credentials instructions, and you'll see them in the list of Admins.user_added.png
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