Insurance Discounts and Cyber Safety Tools

Your Zeguro cyber insurance policy comes with free Cyber Safety tools 

Our goal is to help organizations reduce and transfer their cyber risk through cyber insurance and security tools. All Zeguro cyber insurance policies come with a free subscription to Cyber Safety (Starter Plan) to help protect your organization. Cyber Safety is our set of easy-to-use cybersecurity tools. Actively using them can help you get discounts on your Zeguro cyber insurance premiums.

How do I qualify for cyber insurance discounts?

Cyber Safety has three modules: Training, Monitoring, and Security Policies. At the top of each module, you will find a brief description of it, and how using it can help you save money when purchasing or renewing your Zeguro cyber insurance policy. Follow the prompts to set up your modules and begin using the security tools. Your usage of the modules will be factored into the price of your next cyber insurance quote. Actively using each module can help you get savings of up to 20% or more on your premium.

Note: If you do not see an Insurance tab in the navigation panel on the left side of the screen, that means Zeguro is not able to provide you with cyber insurance at this time.

What actions lead to insurance discounts? 

Here's how you can use each Cyber Safety module to get discounts:

1. Security Policies

Follow security best practices by approving, sharing, and enforcing all security policies that are appropriate for your organization. Those designated with a $ icon will count towards your cyber insurance discount.

2. Monitoring

Scan your web apps and get a report detailing any security vulnerabilities we find. Fixing your medium and high priority issues will qualify you for another discount because we know that you are proactively addressing vulnerabilities. Scan all your web apps regularly for greater security and further savings.

3. Training

Enroll your team in security training and ensure they are actively participating. If the majority of your enrolled team completes their assigned training, your insurance discounts get unlocked.

How will I know when I qualify for a discount?

When you have used Cyber Safety tools to a degree that qualifies for a discount, a message at the top of the screen will inform you. Use each of the modules to ensure maximum cyber protection and insurance savings.


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